In the seven years that the Los Angeles County WMA has been in existence, its partners have been involved with the direct suppression of spotted knapweed, YST, arundo, Geraldton carnation spurge, perennial pepperweed, and hoary cress. The WMA has also been a source for speakers on invasive weed issues at seminars, training classes and other public outreach settings.

  The WMA developed a BMP (Best Management Practices) document for Vegetation Management and a children’s book explaining the importance of invasive weeds. See our Control Projects, Outreach, and Publications pages for more in-depth information on our accomplishments. Most important has been the creation of a resource “pool” for all of the participants in the WMA so that each member of the group can most often
answer any weed management problem encountered. This provides a unique opportunity for many different groups to interact and become a great source of knowledge for one another.

General WMA communication typically occurs through our e-mail list and discussion forum. There are also quarterly meetings where updates and presentations are given on recent invasive plant research, planning, management, and outreach activities within our WMA. See the quarterly meetings page for more information on this topic. Under the current structure, our WMA is voluntarily governed by two elected co-chairs:


J. Lopez
Deputy Forester, County of Los Angeles Fire Dept. - Forestry Division

Drew Ready
Council for Watershed Health


The Weed Management Area functions under the
authority of a mutually developed memorandum of understanding (MOU) and is subject to statutory and regulatory weed control requirements.

The LACWMA was initated by the leadership of the County Agricultural Commissioner's Office in 2001 following two pieces of new legislation (AB1168 and SB1740) that provided a total of $5.4 million over a period of six years to local public and private partnerships to form local WMAs and aggressively control high priority weed infestations.

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