WMA Announcements - March

SAVE THE DATE. Our next WMA meeting is scheduled for May 23rd at the Los Angeles Ag Commissioners Office in Arcadia.

SAVE THE DATE. The 2013 Fire Summit is scheduled for May 15th in Diamond Bar at the South Coast AQMD Headquarters. 

Fire Summit Description:
Water… we drink it, cook with it, grow our food with it, bathe with it, play in it, and suppress fire with it; essentially life on this planet depends on water.

Our water resources are constantly at risk. Climate change may reduce, increase, and change the timing of precipitation. Natural and human activities can cause contamination of our water resources with sediment and other pollutants. Fire management intersects with water resources and watersheds as changes in precipitation can alter fire regimes; fire impacted watersheds experience altered run-off regimes and changes in water yield; and fire management actions can also affect watersheds, and may rely on water availability.

The need to protect and manage watersheds and the water resources and natural ecosystems that depend on them is at the top of the task list for many government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community groups.

The 2013 Fire Summit: Water Resources and Watershed Protection Before and After Fire will focus on watershed-based planning that balances environmental, social, and economic needs to protect water resources and manage, fire risk. The goal of the fire summit is to raise awareness of issues and provide the tools and information needed to inspire sustainable water resources, watershed protection and fire management answers.

Visit the RAST website News page at www.SoCalRAST.org/news.htm for information.



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