Weed Talk at Upcoming Local CNPS Meeting in Santa Monica

The Los Angeles/Santa Monica Mountains Chapter of the California Native Plant Society’s monthly meeting is presenting a program on invasive species control in riparian areas by Bill Neill of Riparian Repairs. Bill has a long history of non-native plant species fighting starting with tamarisk removal in the desert and now controlling Arundo donax (giant cane) and Ricinus communis (castor bean) along the Los Angeles River.

April 14    
7:30pm - 9:30pm

First United Methodist Church
1008 11th Street, Santa Monica (Map)

Title: Battling Exotic Trees and Streamside Weeds
Presenter: Bill Neill, Riparian Repairs

Bill Neill, invasive weed control expert, will discuss problems caused by and methods for controlling major invasive perennial weeds clogging our streams and exotic trees crowding out and displacing our native trees and shrubs. Invasive weeds are one of the greatest threats to native flora and fauna, to free-flowing streams and to water retention in floodplains of southern California. Bill has helped several CNPS Chapters with severe weed invasions. Come and learn about riparian weeds and what control methods work best!


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