California Department of Food and Agriculture
Noxious Weed Information Project
Encycloweedia - notes on plants defined as noxious weeds by California Law
California Noxious & Invasive Weed Action Plan
CDFA Noxious Weed Rating Description

California Invasive Plant Council
Invasive Plant Inventory - ecological impacts assessments by plant; reviewed by State experts.
Plant Profiles - a "one-stop shop" of resources on invasive plants listed in the Cal-IPC Inventory.
Don't Plant a Pest! Program - Southern California
Don't Plant a Pest! Program - Trees (Statewide)
Don't Plant a Pest! Program - Aquatic Plants (Statewide)
Invasive Plant Alerts
Statewide Distribution and Trend Maps - early detection/rapid response tool
Weed Workers' Handbook - digital version
Yellow Starthistle Management Guide - digitial version
Use of Fire as a Tool for Controlling Invasive Plants - digital version

Center for Invasive Plant Management
Invasive Plant Resource Guide - Online Textbook
Inventory and Survey Resources
Control Methods Resources
Funding Sources
"How-to" Resources for Prioritizing Weed Threats
Develop a Weed Management Plan

U.S. Department of Agriculture
National Invasive Species Information Center
U.S. Dept of Agriculture Plants Database
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

University of California Cooperative Extension
Invasive Plants Research in Southern California - Carl Bell
Weed Research & Information Center
- Joe DiTimaso
Invasive Plants Research in Southern California - Carl Bell
Fire-Safe Landscapes Resources - fact sheets/guidebooks for residents living near open space

A Weed Manager's Guide to Remote Sensing and GIS - developed by the U.S. Forest Service
California Weed Science Society
CalFlora - online database of over 8000 species found in Calfornia (native and invasive)
National Park Service Invasive Species Management
The Nature Conservancy Global Invasive Species Initiative
North American Weed Management Association
PlantRight Campaign - resource for gardeners and landscapers
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Invasive Species Program
WeedWatch - Council for Watershed Health Invasive Plant Monitoring and Outreach Program


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Planning and Surveying
Control Methods
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